HDCG Consulting is a boutique technology and management consulting firm focused on providing solutions that leverage enabling technologies to drive operational efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction and drive increased earnings from on-going operations.  We bring a team of seasoned professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines to look at your business from a multitude of angles to ensure no rock goes unturned.
 Seaware Expertise

Our Philosophy

At HDCG Consulting we pride ourselves on bringing a slightly unconventional approach to the traditional consulting services model. We seek solutions that provide a cohesive binding to the strategic fabric of the organization, always working in concert with the goals and objectives of the management team and ultimately delivering value to the board and shareholders. We subscribe to the principles of Occam’s Razor, in that the solution with the fewest number of variables, the most obvious, in many cases is indeed the right one.
Revenue Management Expertise

Our Approach

We believe that less is always more and that above all else, a common sense approach to problem solving is paramount to delivering value to the organization. We operate as an extension of your team; embedded in the trenches, as we seek to identify the hidden value in your organization. Value could be in the form of the introduction of a new technology or a modification to an existing workflow. Regardless the source of the change, our team will dig deep to find it.
Project Managment

Services & Core Competencies

We provide a broad range of consulting services including but not limited to:
  • IT Roadmap Strategy Development
  • Large Scale Capital Project Management
    • Tier One Business Systems
    • Strategic Vendor Relationship Management
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Productivity and Workflow Analysis
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
RFP Development & Management
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